Meet the Team

Ian Mac (BA, BSc)

Job Roles: Jude’s Artistic Director and Applied Theatre Practitioner

Qualifications: Aiming towards a PGCE with an undergraduate Degree in both Contemporary Theatre and Psychology.

Experience: Over 15 years working in the field of Applied Theatre and over 10 years experience of working within Mental Health organisations.


Mobile: 07974363256

Professional Membership: nayt1


Laura Nicklin-Reeves (MA, BA)

Job Roles: Assistant Artistic Director

Qualifications: Currently working towards a PhD in Education at York researching how Shakespeare is currently used in rehabilitative programmes. You can find out more about Laura’s work HERE. Also with an MA Shakespeare and Education and BA (Hons) Language and Literature in Education.

Experience: Laura has many years experience delivering youth drama provisions with a particular interest in musical theatre.


Louise Pounds (BA)Louise

Job Role: Associate Director

Qualifications: Performing Arts Graduate and currently training as a Speech Therapist.

Experience: Louise has over 10 years experience delivering applied drama and theatre for a wide range of projects and groups with an association with Jude since it’s formation in 2008. Louise is also the founder and Artistic Director of Tonks Theatre Workshops where you can found our more information about Louise’s past projects and experience.


Phone: 01270 627 501

Jude Theatre Trustees:

Peter Begley (Cheshire and Wirral Mental Health Trust)

Agnieszka Kowalczyk (Keele University)


Associate Artists and Volunteers

We also work with a number of talented Associate artists and volunteers whom deliver projects and offer support during workshops.

Youth and Adult Drama Groups
Projects / Workshops
Professional Actors