July 23, 2015

JTC YDG Summer Performance

A massive thank you and well done to all taking part and supporting our summer performance which took place on Tuesday, 21st July.  The groups had great fun all term, joining in lots of drama based games and working hard improvising on issues of concern to them and their community … which resulted in thought provoking and original ‘mini dramas’.  Through the process the young people gained skills and confidence, made new friends, and experienced first hand what it’s like to see their ideas played out by others.

New members are always warmly welcomed.  We provide a different type of class to traditional drama schools as this doesn’t suit everyone, especially those who are shy or not so self-assured, so at JTC groups: … no previous experience is required … there’s no audition process … classes are open to everyone regardless of ability … and there’s no pressure to perform in front of an audience, no-one bats an eye if someone wants to opt out … the cost is just £3 a week and there’s no charge for missing a week …

If you, or someone you know, would like to join a class then just turn up on the night, complete a form, and start right away.  Alternatively contact Jude and we can answer any questions you might have.

See you in September!

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