AQA Unit Award Scheme

AQA Award Scheme LogoWhat is the AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS)?

The UAS is a scheme for recording achievement which gives the student/participant, recognition for completing short units of work.

  • Units can cover almost any subject or topic.
  • Units can be used with students of any age or ability
  • Almost any activity can be recognised.

Jude Theatre Company’s staff have been trained to deliver the AQA Unit Award scheme and have found it adds an extra dimension to our project work. Designed to recognise achievement, units can be tailored by Jude so they are appropriate to participant’s ability and do not involve excessive, if any written work. Our workshops aim to promote alternative education techniques and so we write our AQA Unit Awards to reflex the dynamic and interactive nature of our programs.

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Cost of participation in the AQA Award Scheme including the scheme charges, registration and our administration and assessment costs is £50.

Youth and Adult Drama Groups
Projects / Workshops
Professional Actors