About us

Jude Theatre CIC are an Applied Theatre Company working all over the North West and West Midlands to facilitate regular Drama Groups, deliver Issue-based Projects and Workshops, conduct Arts Research and develop Professional Performances. We work with participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds within a diversity of community settings.

Mission Statement

Including the Excluded – Our mission is to provide access to theatrical tools for individuals or groups who are marginalised by current provisions to support their right to experience physical and mental wellbeing, achieve and make a contribution.

What We Do:

We divide our work into four closely linked areas:

1) Facilitation of regular Youth and Adult Drama Groups aimed at developing transferable life/social skills and confidence.

2) Time-limited Projects and Workshops to support participants of any age, background or ability to explore individual and social issues.

3) Research Projects for the development of effective and ethical theatre interventions.

4) Professional Performances by our Applied Actors for a thought provoking and accessible way of introducing a topic or tackling an issue.

How It Works:

Jude’s projects and exercises are informed by Applied Theatre and Psychology research plus many years of experience. Jude’s workshops support participants to reflect upon those moments when a decision is made that effects every subsequent one, through the use of ‘Role Play’. We also aim to facilitate the experience of inclusion and acceptance for those individuals who feel ostracised and excluded from many social groups. Using group work and encouraging the achievement of shared goals, individuals can develop social skills and relationships in support of genuine self-growth.

Who We Work With

Our participants are primarily Individuals or communities with low self-esteem, mental health conditions, learning disabilities, offending behaviors, young people, adults and marginalised minority groups.

To support these groups accessing our service we our often employed by County and Borough Councils, Educational Organisations,  Charities and Community Organisations

Where We Work

  • Community Venues
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Prisons
  • Theatres
  • Events and Festivals


Our objectives are to provide Applied Theatre provisions which:

1. Are inclusive

a. By providing experiential awareness raising provisions which are not reliant upon written or spoken word, and can therefore be adapted to suit all ages, abilities and background.

b. By seeking outside funding to provide free/affordable provisions to participants where at all possible.

c. By taking provision delivering to participants.


2. Are evidence based and add to the research field

a. By keeping up to date with current Arts, Health, Education and Applied Theatre research .

b. By conducting appropriate and ethical research during our work to promote the use of scientific procedures for the development of quality  and ethically minded Applied Theatre Interventions.


3. Address an identified social problems, improve communities, and increase people’s life chances

a. By actively seeking out individuals and groups who are experiencing individual and social difficulties, especially marginalisation.

b. By ensuring participant’s and their community’s specific needs, ideas and concerns are identified and addressed.

c. By keeping up to date with current National/Local government findings and initiatives.

Youth and Adult Drama Groups
Projects / Workshops
Professional Actors